Rione Monti, the oldest neighborhood in Rome

Rione Monti is the first of the districts of Rome, so named because once included the Esquilino, Viminale, a part of Quirinale and Celio Hills.

Rione Monti is the oldest neighborhood in Rome, there are testimonies of Roman, Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque, a succession of style that cover 2500 years of history.

The current appearance of the most significant of the Rione Monti has narrow streets rarely in plain, drawing the urban texture composed of tall buildings of different ages, buildings with plaster worn by time, where we can find artisan shops, nightlife, art galleries: it’s the ancient SvbVra, now Subura – the name mean “inhabited place under the city”-

Walking we can relieve the charm of one of the most beautiful areas of the Capital and appreciate its archaeological monuments, which go from the Colosseum to Lodus Magnus, Domus Aurea, Traiano’s Baths, Emperors Augusto, Nerva and Traiano’s Forums with the neighboring markets, built in Serviane and Aureliane walls. – with its Asinara door- , Tito’s Baths, the remains of the aqueduct Claudio, San Pietro in Vincoli with the Michelangelo’s Mosè, Santa Francesca Romana, papal Palace,  Egyptian obelisk, Santa Sanctorum, Scala Santa, Basilica of St. Giovanni in Laterano, church of St. Clemente, St. Martino ai Monti, Basilica of St. Maria Maggiore, the medieval memories as Leoniano triclinium, Lateran Baptistery, St. Stefano Rotondo, Conti’s Towers, the home of the Knights of Rodi, St. Prassede, Capocci’s towers and some masterpieces of the Roman baroque as the churches St. Andrea al Quirinale and St. Carlino alle Quattro Fontane.

When the king of Etruscan origin Servio Tullio choose this area as his residence, Svbvra becomes part of the urban area of ancient Rome.

It’s the most authentic and popolar area of the Urbe, the place of a social and human contradictions of a very crowded, noisy and dangerous capital.

Only during the reign of Sisto V – 1585- 1590- you notice substantial changes. He built aqueduct Felice, via Panisperna and improved via dei Serpenti. In Subura were the most infamous brothels and the most dangerous taverns and inns.

Even Giulio Cesare was born in Subura and for the tradion in this place went Nerone disguised to test the mood of the people, while in disguise even here Messalina trying transgression.

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