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Isolation with the Cow Brains company

The translation project tackled by Augusta University’s Spanish students is almost at the finish line.

Once the translations of the work written by three Augusta University professors Jim Minnick, Spencer Wise, and Anna Harris-Parker are completed, the book will be published by Articoli Liberi and distributed to the young for free. In this episode, Professor Biasetti, Who guided her students and edited their translations, will read the two short stories and three poems in their original form.

All of these will later be incorporated in the book along with their translation into Spanish. The short stories and poems are powerful and full of cultural value. With Georgia as a backdrop for most of these works of art, the themes focus on nature, childhood memories, the challenges of adulthood, the peculiarities of country life, and the so-called southern charm. Enjoy!

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Articoli Liberi

Articoli Liberi is a nonprofit organization based in the South of France, born to create and distribute free books to children from poor Countries.

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