Kendall Schmidt: mom and daughter interview the blond idol

Kendall Schmidt and his group, the Heffron Drive, will be greeted by thousands of fans on Saturday march 12 at Palalottomatica in Rome. We are waiting and we scream: Kendall Schmidt we love you.

Thousands of young girls ready to scream, to tear their hair and to weep endlessy, will be ready to invade the Palalottomatica to attend the concert of their idol Kendall Schmidt and his group: The Heffron Drive. So many that the Gran Teatro wasn’t enough to contain them and it was necessary to move the location of the event in the most capacious structure of the EUR. There will be another idol of the very young: Logan Henderson, also a former member of Big Time Rush as Kendall Schmidt. Along with these teenagers, there will be an army of mothers, and certainly even some dads, who will sing all day with young girls songs and that will think “look what I have to do!” Irony aside, a concert is a beautiful moment of mother-daughter sharing and creates an important communication channel. The language spoken is the same: music and adolescent passion for the idols of the moment from which no mother was immune.

And moms return to those years when with a walkman and a pair of earphone they were the masters dreaming that the future was as bright as possible and fantasize about an impossible love. Among these mothers I’ll we be there too, I’m 40 and I know the whole required repertoire for the occasion by heart. That will be a moment that my daughter Micaela, 12 years of curiosity and hopefull, and I will remember forever for being a beautiful experience lived together. But I have decided to add another gift for my daughter, so I say thank you to Sheyla Bobba for helping me in this operation. We had the opportunity to put questions to Kendall Schmidt: 2 from me, 2 from Micaela, 1 from drafting SenzaBarcode. We suggest you answers gladly because you can read about a boy serene, cheerful and ironic who lives his fame has a privilege and we really like this.

Interview to Kendall Schmidt

Costanza: What do you like most about your job and what not?

Kendall:  I love playing concerts for people and travelling. I love making music i don’t like jet lag!

Micaela: What features should have your ideal girlfriend?

Kendall: Beautiful eyes, great smile and a wonderful personality

Costanza: How many times do you thonk you would be an anonymous person and not a celebrity?

Kendall: I feed like a normal person anyway who is privileged enough to have a good job.

Micaela: What are your future plans?

Kendall: More music, music videos, enjoying my new hobby of film photography.

SenzaBarcode: You are in a privileged position so over you there are the eyes of many people but ther is an import responsability to be an example for many young girls and boys too. Can you give us your quote? In practise, what do you do to cheer you up when you are little down?

Kendall: My quote is “find your passion and rum with it. Anything is possible” Spending time with my family and friends and talk about Life.

We say goodbye for now to this boy of just 26 years old with a winning smile and while we wait to hear him live together , we insert CD and sing out Happy Mistakes one of the favourite songs from Micaela and me which is also the title of the new album.

Costanza D'Isola

Donna: curiosa e mai doma. L empatia è la chiave della comprensione, Il coraggio quella del cambiamento. Nelle nostre mani la soluzione. Allieva Academy SenzaBarcode 2016

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