Iran Country Presentation, is the Fiera di Roma the stage!

Iran Country Presentation, something more of aromas, flavors, art, colors, the splendour of Iran. The Fiera di Roma has consolidated the alliance.

“The relationship with Iran is essential and we are of the view that the reports should be opened even more. Today of all you can speak except to go back.” Told the Minister of Economic Development, Carlo Calenda with the Iranian Minister of Industry, mining and trade Mohammad Reza Nemathzadeh. The long-awaited appointment Iran Country Presentation at the Fair of Rome was inaugurated yesterday 22 November.

Pietro Piccinetti spoke of this event a few days after his appointment to the sole administrator, but maybe in a few had grasped the scope of the event. With him also Esfahbodi Hossein, Deputy Minister of Industry and mines and Trade and President of the Ente Fiere Internazionali of Iran to testimony of how much interest there is in economic development between the two countries.

“At the beginning of next year, together with the Minister of the economy, Pier Carlo Padoan, we will be in Iran” continues Calenda “The central function is to operate fully in the channels of financing in order to become a reality all the projects that we have”, stressing also that economic agreements of this year went even better in previous years and that we are at approximately 1,1 million interchange, surely we can recover nearly 7 billion of interchange and 2 of export, but the relationship with Iran must go much further than exports”

140 Iranian companies of the main economic sectors on an exhibition area of over 7,000 square meters

the first three days, from 22 to 24 November, are dedicated to traders, the area Exhibition will be open to the public free of charge, on 25 and 26 November. Even the rich program of cultural events, in fair and even in the cities.

Many times we have talked about the importance of the fairs and the capability to deliver the public, the armature which derives therefrom, the Prestige, cultural exchanges.

Iran Country Presentation is the demonstration that the Rome Fair aims and succeeds, much more.

A glue between peoples, business and cultures. Without forgetting that Iran counts 80million inhabitants and that 40% of the population is formed by young people, a vast potential in the petrochemical industry, agri-food, a strong impetus in tourism and in the manufacturing industry.

Culture, internationalisation, business and

Piccinetti satisfaction has always spoken of internationalisation, has today delivered to the city, to the Chamber of Commerce, to the Lazio Region – represented today by the assessor development economic and productive activities Guido Fabiani- to the Municipality of Rome and to all the members of invest,minds S.P.A. the plastic demonstration that can and has declared:

“Italy boasts with Iran a profound relationship and old date, such as the choice of Rome for this historic appointment confirmation. And this could represent an important advantage in creating partnerships strong trading. The exhibition system italian wants to play a strong role in this game, presenting itself as a bridgehead for entering in this as in other markets. The fairs can really represent a fundamental passport for the internationalisation of the Made in Italy”.

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